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May 2015 Bank of America sold my loan to Caliber and failed to inform me. I was at end of Modification process with B of A.

THEY ARE THE WORST. I had a phone appointment to discuss "crucial" information that would determine if my home would go into foreclosure or not.

A few days BEFORE the appointment I called to confirm. I was told that I was no longer in the system and they could not find me, my loan. So, IF I HAD NOT CALLED THEM, I WOULD HAVE MISSED A DEADLINE AND LOST MY HOME.

B OF A DID THIS ON PURPOSE. So, I scrambled and overnighted a payment to Caliber after calling and confirming that they had indeed purchased my loan. THEY HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT NICE, PROFESSIONAL AND VERY HELPFUL. We were approved for 3 month trial modification which we just completed.

We were approved for FINAL modification which is exactly where we needed to be a FIXED payment with LOW INTEREST for 40 years. They worked with us and got payment down exactly where we needed it to be! I have talked with at least 6 different people at Caliber and each and everyone have been terrific! So, I am writing this review to say "you get more bees with honey than vinegar".

Sometimes we as consumers are very salty when talking with representatives (won't say Customer Service because that is a relic) and if you are nasty you get nasty. I try to treat others like I want to be treated.... with respect and most times that's what I get.

And when I don't, I still try to stay in control with kindness. Try it, you just might like it.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good customer service of caliber home loan. Caliber Home Loans needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I had the same experience with them at first....

Believe me...now that they have reeled you in...in a few years if not sooner you will be amazed at the things they will do to you. You will start getting foreclosure notices even when you are paid up two months in advance.

Did you know there is a movie coming out, based on a true story about this company and they even call them by their name.....the movie is called "Foreclosure" and it is about Caliber home loans. The CEO tells the company, "I want 100 homes foreclosed on this month, and be sure to foreclose on people you know are struggling for they wont have the finances to hire an attorney"...Good Luck....hope you enjoy your home to the extent before you get the foreclosure notice and the *** begins.....i know...ive been there!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1047553

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Caliber only helps themselves when they stick someone in a 40 year mod. So many people look at that and think that they just did you a favor....they didnt, trust me.

They only just set themselves up to line their own pockets with even more interest than they would have collected otherwise. And here's the kicker--Caliber has no legal authority to service at least a large portion of the loans that they claim to have the right to service. So, if they do not have the legal right to service a loan, then any loan mod that they put into place is invalid, and the homeowner ends up paying Caliber money it is not entitled to collect in the first place!

I would know.

Caliber's been yanking me around for nearly 2 years now. I'm not kidding, I have been trying to find out this whole time who actually owns the loan, and so on. In the span of ONE phone call last week, two Caliber reps actually gave me a total of THREE different answers to that one question. The SPOC rep told me that Caliber was the purchaser...but then later switched back to a certain trust that they have named to me in the past.

Then, the supervisor gets on the call, and tells me that that same trust owns it...and THEN, he turns around and tells me that the original lender "probably still owns it". Caliber has now named a total of FIVE different trusts and entities, claims at different times that they ALL are the true owner of this loan. Caliber has retained an attorney, who has confirmed for me that Caliber has literally not taken a single step regarding foreclosure....but that doesnt stop Caliber from charging me more than $3000 in "litigation fees" because Caliber keeps telling me that they are indeed foreclosing against me, that they already filed the action in court, and everything.

Dealing with Caliber is not about "you get more bees with honey".

It's about RUN the other way! I began dealing with them early in 2014, and followed every condition that they requested of me. I did everything they asked. There was a lot of fraud in this loan, and I was able to prove it.

Original lender did not apply payments to loan, and we even have that lender admitting this. But they never fixed it. So, now Caliber comes along, and tries to charge us thousands more than even what the original lender claimed. No excuse!

They know they are breaking laws.

They do not care. Total fraud!

to neveragain #1087822

I can help you sounds like you have fraud on your loan like my loan has and yes proven!

If you have litigation fees they are going to at somepoint foreclose I pray that has not happened!

Please contact me I can help save your home

360- 801-7763

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