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I filed a complaint for age discrimination (hiring) with EEOC and TX Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division. I applied for employment with Caliber and they repeatedly "lost" my resume, claiming it must have gone to spam, even though I sent it in direct response to their inquiry, several different ways.

I finally got an interview and it was clear that I was the ideal candidate (doing the same exact job 6 years with current employer), but they completely blew me off again after that. When I called them they said the position was filled, but I continued to receive the same job posting via email, so that was another lie. I asked them for a reason not to hire me, and they could not provide one. They said they would find out and let me know, but never did.

I hope others come forward as a result of my efforts. There is no room in our industry for this type of illegal discriminatory behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Caliber Home Loans Manager.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: compensation for damages and legal expenses.

Caliber Home Loans Cons: Discriminatory hiring practices.

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Honey with your attitude the only thing that you need is a good spanking.


The reason that they can't hire you is because you are immature. You may think that you are the ideal candidate but you are not.

I know this is hard for you to believe but there are people that are way better than you. You are not as good as you think you are. Your head is so inflated with pride that it would not fit through their doors . You are not entitled to ant compensation.

Face it there are people there that are better than you. People who are not stuck up. Besides this is not discrimination.

There are laws against child labor. With your lack of maturity i doubt that you are over the age of 7.


Dismission of dissent is cowardly.


Honey, the only one being a coward is YOU.


Nobody has to hire anyone. They don't need a reason.

Should they wish to concoct one, the process is simple. You cannot win this.

For some reason or another, they did not wish to hire you. Then you proved to be contentious and annoying which is more than enough reason in and of itself ; such employees are disruptive and bad for morale.


I agree with both of you she sounds arrogant. I would not hire this stuck up hollies than thou person. If they hid hire this childlike person whenever they do not get their way they will claim discrimination.


Go make me a sandwich. That's about all I would hire you for.


I would not even hire the OP to make a sandwich, she would probably mess that up and claim discrimination when told she made it wrong.


OK go make your own sandwich. I charge $60.


Nice try, I make more than pennies kid.


Discrimination is illegal.


But this is not discrimination. She has no proof that they did not hire her based on her age.

She just thinks she is the ideal candidate for the job and obviously she is not. She thinks that above everyone she has the best qualifications. She is so full of it. That is the issue.

In her pea sized brain she thinks that the reason she did not get the job was because of her age.

She does not realize that there are people who are more suited for the job than she is. Besides this is NOT discrimination, there are laws against child labor.


Jafar, How much money do you make? Let's compare paychecks - lol.

Go on making pennies. I've moved along.




If the reason for not hiring is in violation of illegal discriminatory practices (ie age, race, religion, sex, etc), that is considered a felony. Please do not be in favor of criminal behavior. Ignorance of the law is no defence.

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