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caliber messed up my refi and put wrong mortgage amount on paperwork( mortgage was from another property ) after receiving my cashout check i paid some bills and then due to me looking at my accounts from other bank realized mistake. now caliber says I owe back almost 10k. they reuse to take responsibility for their mistake and add 5k to loan now im screwed. I have been very patient during this process but my patience has run out now im trying... Read more

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I have waiting for someone to back with For about 3months to tell me how did they put a loan on my old home with a fraudulent warranty deed that has robo-signer, signing a warranty deed. So the new owner is staying in my old home with a fake, fraud deed. What kind are you into.

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They have regularly violated my consumer rights & state laws with impunity, have not responded accurately, fairly, or timely to resolve the situation. The company refused payment of the full arrears of the mortgage. It was sent with advance notice, but the company did not reply to indicate they would refuse it. They claim they refused it on the grounds that it did not "cure the default on the loan", but they had not filed or sent any such notice... Read more

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Our mortgage was "sold" to above company at the end of 2014. At the age of 51, I had multiple strokes and unable to work again. This company had no interest in working with us and immediately started foreclosure proceedings! They would not ever return calls to us or our attorneys! This company is not a reputable company and is a predatory lender! The house went on sheriff's sale in June, and we were able to buy it back for less than what... Read more

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Nothing but problems since we've got our loan. We are still being charged PMI after doing a recast and putting well over 20 percent down. We were told for the PMI to be removed we would have to pay for another appraisal which was done 7 months ago. At least 450 dollars in addition to 250 recast fee. We were also told we could pay our own escrow and insurance and this can't be removed either. They also charged us a late fee for a payment... Read more

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We were sold down the river to these crooks. They are a million times worse than what we had. They Lie big time to you. They take your payments and never post them then charge interest on every thing. They never show payments then charge interest on top of interest. Sometimes you get a statement and sometimes you don't. I wouldn't trust them if they lived across the street. They are the worst of the worst. They are liars and crooks and... Read more

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Beware, Caliber will lie to you and lie's to the court system and gets away with it. Rec'ed a loan Mod.Trial for three months (May, June, July 2016) and they did not post the payments on the day of receipt (RESPA violation). Caliber submitted to the court system without informing my lawyers and Caliber obtained a final foreclosure and instant action - Sale date of my home. We complained to the CFPB and Caliber lied in their response. ... Read more

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They are the WORST company on the face of the earth. They lie and lie some more. They cashed the check I sent them and after a few days, their employees called me that I owe them!!!!!!!!! That is after they had gotten the money and had cashed it into their account. They harassed me big time. they are the most horrific servicer that I have ever encountered. They should be put on trial for their malpractice. I hate them, that is the company... Read more

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The statement says that you can make partial payments with no penalty for early payoff. But this would assume they would actually apply your payment to your loan. Nope, it is "held" until the full payment is received. Then when you call all you get is "our system just can't do that". Why can almost any other mortgage company's system do this but Caliber? Then their website won't even take a partial payment - anything under the full amount... Read more

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I am dealing with an escrow/tax issue with them. They show payments in and out of my escrow account for taxes that are not the actual amounts paid to the tax property taxes. They use a 3rd party vendor and they only paid on part of my taxes. I was penalized over $1000 and neither Caliber or the vendor can confirm they amount that went to the tax assessor. They said it would take a month to research. Caliber did jump on doing an escrow... Read more

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